Bruceploitation: The 5 Best Bruce Lee Clones In Gaming

5. Kim Dragon (World Heroes)

Kim Dragon Kim Dragon is primarily an actor - a superstar of martial arts movies - whose fame is compared to that of global pop stars. He also wants to be a great fighter, and is often accused of lacking in real skill, so when he is invited to enter the World Heroes tournament (a tournament that brings the best fighters from across time together) he relishes the opportunity. As a fighter, he is actually very cocky and some might say overconfident, but as a person, he is a very caring individual. He fights with Kung Fu techniques which seem to be inspired by Bruce Lee's "Jeet Kune Do" principles of Wing Chun and his special moves include the Dragon Kick (a flying kick fuelled by chi energy that takes the shape of a dragon head) and Fast Punching (several punches so quick that they are delivered almost at the same time). He is clearly inspired by Bruce Lee. The major difference between the two is that Lee was Chinese, while Dragon has been depicted as being both Chinese and Korean (most recently Korean).
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