Bully 2: Every Leaked Detail We Know So Far

8. A More Cartoonish Visual Style

Bully 2 Characters 2

Leaked in August 2017 by a particularly angry insider who'd apparently had enough with how Rockstar were handling GTA Online, we got our first supposed look at characters and the game's art style.

It's very Arkane Studios; very Dishonoured or perhaps Lionhead's Fable trilogy. Yes, the original had caricatured geeks and inflato-armed jocks (there was even a baritone-moaning neanderthal bully named Russell), but going forward, with the advent of 4K graphics and the need for more realistic textures, it seems Rockstar are going the opposite direction.

Perhaps the only way to "get away with" setting a game in a school and using the name "Bully" again, is to steer hard into cartoonish caricatures?

By letting GTA have a graphic style that appeals to everyone and Red Dead comprise photo-real depictions of specific time periods, Bully is free to be more OTT, accentuating media and cultural stereotypes with just the right amount of believability.

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