Bully 2: Every Leaked Detail We Know So Far

7. WAY More Detailed Environments

Bully 2 Locations 2

Another leaked pic from that older batch highlighted a middle-America homestead, replete with pickup truck and swimming pool. This above image is just one half of the full panorama, which also included a pot-bellied, beer-drinking man in a tank top.

Even from these images we can say Rockstar are lampooning the go-to depiction of the American lower class; a subject matter rife with commentary on the current socio-economic status of America itself, and whatever state the "American Dream" is in.

Rockstar's older work was always rife with this stuff. Though GTA V didn't feel as biting and Red Dead 2 is a far more mature affair, Bully 2 could be where all that trademark style comes back.

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