Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: 12 Best Ever Load Outs

Lock and load.

It might not be long until Call Of Duty: Black Ops III hits the market this Autumn promising as slick and entertaining a gaming experience as COD always delivers, but there's no sign of the last game dying just yet. Thanks to the incredible longevity in the lauded franchise's every instalment (which actually defies even the usual one year shelf-life of the likes of FIFA and Football Manager), gamers are encouraged to commit and go steady with the shooter. And around this distance after release is when the experience is a thing of beauty. Veterans populate the online element, turning every one of the game's futuristic elements against each other, seeking every edge possible, which includes having not just the right weaponry, but the right balance. With all of the new additions, you may wonder, "what kind of class load out should I run"? Advanced Warfare can be a very hectic game, with fast paced firefights. The 3D movement system also adds to the hectic nature, as map flow isn€™t something that can be relied on. The myriad of different abilities, weapons, and perks can also be confusing, and many times some abilities have specific uses. Look no further for help, because the 12 best class load outs have been compiled here for your improvement...

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