Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: 12 Best Ever Load Outs

12. Best TDM Class

Team Death Match is by far the most popular game mode in Call of Duty, but to properly play this mode you will need a specialized and very particular class set up. Primary Weapon: HBRa3 Raider Primary Weapon Attachments: Suppressor and Parabolic Microphone Secondary Weapon: None Secondary Weapon Attachments: None Tier 1 Perk: Low Profile Tier 2 Perk: Cold Blooded Tier 3 Perk: Blast Suppressor and Toughness (see Wildcards) Wildcard: Perk 3 Greed Exo Launcher: Exo Ping Grenade: x2 Stun Scorestreaks: UAV (With Support and Threat Detection), Orbital Care Package (With Support and Trap) The Recommended Primary Weapon has strong medium range damage, which is important to minimize the range penalty from the silencer. The suppressor is a crucial attachment to your set up, as you want to stay off the mini-map as much as possible in TDM. Parabolic Microphone will also reveal suppressed fire on your mini-map, allowing you to counter other players using suppressors. Low Profile will hide you from enemy UAVs, which will be very important, as you will not want your location revealed every time one gets called in. Cold Blooded protects you from thermal and target enhancer sights, threat grenades, and enemy callouts. It also will not display your name in red or change enemy reticule colors while you are being targeted. Blast Suppressor and Toughness are considered to be perks difficult to play without on any class set up, but are the most essential in TDM. Blast Suppressor hides the annoying pings you make every time you use exo movements, and toughness lessens the flinch you receive while being shot, helping you win gun fights. As you will need both of these perks, you will also have to equip the Perk 3 Greed Wildcard. Exo Ping allows you to see any enemies who fire their guns or use exo movements through walls during the duration of the ability, which lasts six seconds. Although brief, this can be very useful for getting the jump on unsuspecting enemies. Stun grenades can be air-bursted in this game, which can be useful in all kinds of situations. You can also use them to check corners of areas where enemies are likely to be hiding, as you will receive hit markers if the grenade hits anyone. Building Scorestreaks in TDM will be more difficult than in most other modes. As such, the best will be UAV and Orbital Care Package, as they are both highly advantageous and low cost. For the UAV, the Support customization will allow you to earn the scorestreak regardless of if you die. Threat detection will also show you (and your teammates) enemies through walls, which has obvious benefits. Orbital Care Package will sometimes give you a bad streak, but most of the time will give you something better than what it cost to earn. Support will work the same way with this as with the UAV, and trap will kill enemies who try to steal your Care Package, even after you capture it.

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