Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: 10 Iconic Maps That NEED To Return

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Infinity Ward

The multiplayer maps have long been a point of division amongst the dedicated Call of Duty fan base.

More often than not, Infinity Ward has hit it out of the park with their maps - particularly in the original Modern Warfare trilogy - but with their more recent releases, the layouts have become uninspired.

Looking at you, Ghosts and Infinite Warfare.

Despite a revised approach to their map design, some of their latest creations have still come under heavy criticism, particularly Piccadilly and Euphrates Bridge.

Fans were thrilled to see old favourites return through the season updates. Rust, Shipment, Backlot, Hardhat and Crash have all seen their returns, and season 4 has seen Scrapyard added to the roster.

With an unknown number of seasons on the horizon, what other old favourites could Infinity Ward potentially look at remastering for their latest title?

With a wealth of classics to pick from, there are bound to be some favourites missed out, and due to the stark difference in gameplay between Modern Warfare (boots on the ground) and Infinite Warfare (jetpacks and wall-running), it does not make sense for these maps to be reprised without significant editing.

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