Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: 10 Iconic Maps That NEED To Return

9. Overgrown

Modern Warfare 3 Terminal
Infinity Ward

Overgrown's aesthetic makes it more reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic title than a modern first-person shooter.

Set in an abandoned neighbourhood, the houses are covered in moss and vines, and the surroundings seem to have been allowed to decay. The constant overcast overhead contributes greatly to the derelict feeling.

In terms of layout, it is almost a criss-cross of vertical and horizontal lanes.

There is a dip into the dried-up riverbed connecting opposite buildings with bridges flanking either side. You can also move straight up the long muddy middle, along the winding street to the south or through the farm to the north.

The map also offers several stories, with at least three buildings with accessible second floors. Lots of vegetation, open windows and the hay bales in the farm offer great cover for sniping.

Crumbling buildings and multiple directions of approach also open the map up in an attempt to expose those inclined to camping.

Due to this mix of combat areas, nowhere will feel safe in this map. As a result, an Assault Rifle or an SMG is a must.

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