Catherine: Full Body Review

Does Catherine still hold up years later?

Catherine Full Body Vincent and Catherine.jpg

Rating: ★★★★☆

Platform: PS4 (copy supplied by Atlus)

Remakes and/or re-releases are - for the most part - widely seen by players as an easy cash grab to make a quick buck here and there. With Catherine: Full Body edition though, it is clear Atlus went the extra mile to bring this Playstation 3 classic, to the current generation.

Sure you can go play that original game on Playstation Now, but you’d be cheating yourself out of the many additions to Full Body, with quality of life improvements, remixes to the standard formula of play and a third love interest by the name of Rin. The latter really throws a spanner into an already complicated love triangle.

Long enough removed from the 2011 release and as we approach our all digital future in where, all games going forward will be backwards compatible, this is probably the last version of Catherine with any additional content, so this package truly is the Full Body experience it advertises.



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