Catherine: Full Body Review

Catherine Full Body Puzzles

First off, if you weren’t aware already, Catherine is divided into three parts.

One part visual novel, one part dating sim and the final being an intense game of push and pulling blocks as the main protagonist - Vincent Brooks attempts to survive his nightmares. Think of it as an evolution on the Qbert block jumping gameplay and you are kinda there.

The block climbing puzzle gameplay is largely the same from the previous outing, but this time features not only a safety mode for players that just want to absorb the story of Vincent as he seems too helplessly fall into a deeper mess with each passing night.

Remix mode is the big game changer here, because as if themed blocks such as ones made out of ice, which will have the player sliding about, explosive ones, which will blow up moments after being stepped on and monster blocks that simply cause a whole hell of trouble for the player. Atlus has gone an added large shaped blocks that can sometimes, envoke that of a Tetris nightmare.

These larger shaped blocks mix up the dynamic of climbing the nightmare walls extremely as a lot of the old ‘techniques’ taught to Vincent by his fellow sheep brothers, won’t be so useful here. Yes, this is a welcomed change for seasoned players, but remix, just doesn’t quite feel right and you'll probably find yourself switching back to standard after a short while.



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