Crash Bandicoot: 10 More PS1 Classics That Deserve Remasters

9. LSD: Dream Emulator

lsd dream emulator
Asmik Ace Entertainment

There's a good chance you may not even know LSD: Dream Emulator even existed if you live outside of Japan, or that it even warrants a remaster. But the truth is, LSD is one of the most unique and strangest games of all time, and bringing it back with even crazier visuals would make for an interesting gaming experience.

LSD is exactly what it says it is, a dream emulator. It's set in first-person as you walk around and explore a dream world. Sometimes the environment looks normal and other times it's a colorful and wacked out mess, in all the right ways. Coming in contact with anything will transport you to another environment until you eventually wake up, log your dream experience and set back into it.

It doesn't sound like much, and it really isn't. There's no combat, nothing like that, it's simply a visual exploration game, but the numerous environments and constant changing of locations makes for a unique experience every time.

That's what makes LSD such a great option for a remaster. There's no denying this game looks dated, very dated to be exact. With an update in graphics the surrealism of this game could transcend to a whole other level. LSD would even be the perfect game to throw into Sony's blossoming VR, allowing you to see first hand the visuals around you. While it may seem like an odd choice, a remaster of LSD certainly would have it's positives.


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