Crash Bandicoot: Ranking Every N. Sane Trilogy Boss Battle

Neo Cortex, Pinstripe, Tiny Tiger... who's the champion?


The original Crash Bandicoot trilogy came during a golden time for console mascots, providing not one, but four genuine contenders for best game of the 90s (including Crash Team Racing).

Since then though, Crash had a fall from grace. None of the follow-ups came close to the magic of the original three, and like Tamagotchis, inflatable furniture and Newcastle UTD being title challengers, Crash looked to be resigned to 90s history.

Enter the N. Sane Trilogy, all three original Crash games lovingly recreated for modern consoles.. It brought the games to a new audience and recaptured the imaginations of all the 90s kids who'd played in their youth. After a stellar reception critically and commercially, Spyro The Dragon was greenlit for the same treatment with Reignited.

Spyro's rebirth is set to launch in November, so what better time to take a look back at the bosses who made N Sane Trilogy great? Here, they're ranked on how memorable the character and arena is, how well they fit their place in the story and obviously, how much bloody good fun they are.


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