Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled: 10 Racers Who MUST Be Unlockable In A Grand Prix

Because it ain’t a party until Rilla Roo walks in.

Vicarious Visions/Beenox

The Grand Prix is a new game mode for a Crash racing game, launching on 3 July when Tawna and the Trophy Girls will become unlockable for the first time. Following this, we’re getting a time travel themed one with Baby T, Baby Crash and Baby Coco all featuring.

After that, it’s the big one: Spyro. We don’t know if Spyro will be bringing any friends yet (or how many), so we’ll just have to wait and see.

After that though, the mode looks set to stick around. The original roster of 26 could easily double by the end of the game’s run, especially if we get tweaked versions of existing characters (like Babies Crash & Coco). If that happens, there are a lot of characters vying for selection.

There were a few racers who might have made the cut back in ‘99, and with the extra characters being major players in Nitro Kart or Tag Team Racing, there’s still a fair few waiting. Once you delve into Crash’s history, you see a fair few characters who are just busting at their chance to shine.

Surely the Grand Prix must give it to them.


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