Dark Souls: 10 Hidden Secrets You Won't Believe You Missed

1230 Dark Souls You Died E1332347774360 Dark Souls. Just the mere mention of the name should be enough to give you chills down your spine from excitement and trepidation at the same time. Brutally hard, unforgiving and against practically everything modern games do, Dark Souls is a world that challenges a player like few other games have before it. It's also a game where storyline is in the background, while mysteries and things to discover are found at practically every turn. If you played the game from start to finish without even looking at the internet, you probably missed a lot. If you did use the internet, chances are you still managed to miss quite a bit in the bleak world of Lordran. Perhaps you'll know some of these secrets within these pages already. Unless you're a true Dark Souler, the tomes within these pages may have been shrouded in mystery all this time, waiting for the Chosen Undead to return once more to discover them. Read on traveller, and be prepared to once again lose yourself to the world of Dark Souls.
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