Dark Souls: 10 Hidden Secrets You Won't Believe You Missed

10. Anor Londo's Biggest Secret

Dark Sun Gwyndolin We begin with quite an obvious one, but still a hidden element of the game nonetheless. Anor Londo, the sprawling city where giant, exceptionally annoying archers reside, where towering giants with big swords love to smack you around and where an antagonistic dragon slayer and his fat friend also love to smack you around and then fry your corpse with lightning, is packed full of things to discover. One of the most hidden elements of Anor Londo is in fact a completely optional boss fight that you'd never find in a month of Sundays unless you knew exactly what you were doing. To find this mysterious boss, you'll need to travel back to the Lady Gwynevere, she of the massive busom (Amazing Chest ahead!) and bequeather of the Lord Vessel. She's just after the fight with Ornstein and Smough if you can't remember, and can be directly warped to by Bonfire. Once you're in front of the massively large lady, take out your weapon of choice (no, that's not a euphemism) and promptly give her a whack. The holy lady will then vanish, the sun will go out forever over Anor Londo and you will be deemed a sinner. This has a number of effects. Firstly, Anor Londo will be plunged into night, as Gwynevere was the force powering the sun. Your sinned status (which is invisible) leaves you open to invasion by members of the Blade of the Darkmoon, sworn protectors of Anor Londo. Finally, this opens up the way to the optional boss, Dark Sun Gywndolin. This guy can be found at the second Anor Londo bonfire. Behind this there is an illusory wall which disappeared when you slayed Gwynevere. Alternatively you can also open this wall by equipping the Darkmoon Seance Ring, which is found in The Catacombs. Once it's gone, you can descend a long flight of stairs. Here you can choose to join Dark Sun Gywndolin's covenant - Blade of the Darkmoon - or alternatively can go through the fog to fight Dark Sun Gwndolin, the spurned son of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. Even if you knew this already, here's a bit of trivia you might not know. It's widely believed that the illusion of Gwynevere, and the sun over Anor Londo, is merely a projection forged by Gwyndolin, who was spurned by his family (the rest of the troop left on other errands). So don't feel too bad about slaying the nice lady. She's just a dude in disguise..
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