Dark Souls: 10 Hidden Secrets You Won't Believe You Missed

8. Humanity - So Much More Than A Number

Humanity Dark Souls Any Dark Souler worth his or her salt knows that humanity is massively important to succeeding in the game, particularly when playing on the uber-hard New Game Plus modes. Humanity is an incredibly precious resource in Dark Souls. Most players are aware that humanity can be used to revive your human form or kindle a bonfire, but did you know that stacking a number of humanity in your tally (which means consuming them) actually benefits the game in several ways? Having a high humanity count boosts your item discovery levels, making it easier to find rarer items. It also directly increases your stats slightly, improving overall defence. Finally, it increases resistance to the highly annoying state Curse, which halves your health until you can get it removed. With higher item discovery it's possible to get much better items, including the awesome helmet that looks like a Mimic chest. Certain weapons also increase in power with humanity, so it's important to make sure you've got a good amount in your tally at all times. Just make sure you don't die twice and lose it all.
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