Dark Souls: 8 Incredible Moments That Made Us Hardcore Fans

Great moments make great games, and vice versa.

Like the many cogs in a well-constructed machine, great games are composed of many great moments. It€™s highly improbable that one will be able to reminisce on a favourite game without evoking the nostalgic memory of €œthat awesome moment when€€. A lot of gamers will experience these moments, appreciate them, and then move on. However, some will be so inspired, impressed or emotionally moved that they will become forever betrothed to that particular franchise €“ permanently branding themselves a lifelong hardcore fan. These are the moments that every gamer lives for. Although Dark Souls isn€™t the debut game of the Souls series, it remains the game that saw the franchise blossom into the world-renowned behemoth of video gaming infamy that it is today. Reverting back to the difficulty of the long lost games of yesteryear, Dark Souls introduced us to the beautifully constructed and deadly world of Lordran. Designed in the fashion of a complex labyrinth unrivaled by other games, this increasingly deadly world provided gamers across the globe with literally hundreds of hours of terrifyingly addictive gameplay. With vastly different geographical locations, a dark mysterious atmosphere, grotesquely varied enemies, staggeringly challenging bosses and a refreshingly unique multiplayer experience, Dark Souls became, and still remains, one of the most impressive and inspired games ever created. It should definitely not be missed. Here are 8 incredible moments in Dark Souls that managed to recruit a whole generation of gamers to the dangerously absorbing ranks of Souls fanboyism.
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