Until Dawn: 10 Things That Look Absolutely Terrifying

Get ready for some serious nightmares.

Until Dawn has had its proverbial ball rolling for a while now: originally announced as a PS3 Playstation Move game, it looked about as inspiring as most awful teen slashers that get regurgitated out again and again, but thankfully it was re-announced as a PS4 exclusive and seems to have gone from cheesy and unoriginal to all kinds of awesome. The recently released gameplay preview packs a big punch of potential tightly into seven minutes. Showing the demise of one of the eight characters that you€™ll be able to play as, it gives a wonderful taste of the kind of intense action you€™ll be set to experience. When Supermassive Games revamped Until Dawn for the PS4, they promised a more mature and much darker version of the game and judging by the previews, the graphics are going to be stunning and make it a much more authentically terrifying experience where you need to watch every corner of the screen for clues as to how to proceed. There is also no story set in stone, but that's where it gets really cool - all eight of the characters could survive or all eight of them could die, with numerous combinations in between. And not to mention, thanks to cutting edge graphics technology and a bunch of plot paths, Until Dawn looks set to be one of the key games of this year. Not to mention one of the most frightening...

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