Days Gone: 10 Exciting Gameplay Features You Need To Know About

A Last of Us clone this is not.


Unveiled during Sony's 2016 E3 conference, Days Gone was the dark horse of the PS4 exclusive lineup. When stacked up against the likes of God of War and Spider-Man, it was completely overshadowed. However, now that the bigger titles have been released and Days Gone has the spotlight, it's showing off exactly why PlayStation owners will be more than happy with the system's latest exclusive.

Many feared that Days Gone was just The Last of Us-lite, offering standard zombie action without any of the quality story and characters from Naughty Dog's masterwork. Sony and developer Bend Studio have worked to remedy that perspective through the gradual release of video diaries and trailers, indicating the type of experience players can expect.

The Last of Us gave players a zombie story where plot and characters were the focus, leaving gameplay more as a means to keep the story progressing. DG hopes to be in that middle ground between the two components, giving players an action-heavy survival game with a fully realized plot surrounding it.

What does Days Gone have? Faction systems, dynamic weather effects (snowfall realistically builds over time), a story that's being teased as a good old-fashioned zombie tale full of heartbreak and tragedy, and much more. Best of all, it comes out this Friday.

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