Days Gone: 10 Exciting Gameplay Features You Need To Know About

10. Difficulty Is Prominent And Uncompromising


Oftentimes with zombie games, difficulty and challenge are introduced through the sheer magnitude of zombies chasing you at one time or through the sharp reduction of available weapons and defensive options.

Days Gone utilizes both gameplay components through an unpredictable game world full of both ravenous man-eaters and unhinged humans that don't care much for any lives but their own.

Since there are so many possible encounters and resource management dilemmas throughout, Days Gone will not be a walk in the park. No matter what difficulty you're playing on, this will be an experience that demands deep consideration with every choice made.

Choosing to run when you don't have the firepower to defend yourself, sticking to stealth because you just won't survive otherwise, DG will require you to think logically.

Whatever your playstyle, this is a game that has no desire to hold your hand. It's a title where freedom comes with its own sense of risk and reward. Venture out into the unknown, go into crowded areas, but know that things could take a nasty turn quickly.

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