Death Stranding: 17 Tips, Tricks & Secrets The Game Doesn't Tell You

14. Crouch For Better Balance When Walking

death stranding
Kojima Productions

Especially early on, you're going to be falling all over the place in Death Stranding. A certain bit of kit helps balance later in the game, but at the beginning even the lightest loads can make it difficult to walk without Sam wobbling to either side.

One way to offset that quite easily though is to crouch. It will slow you a touch (but no more than hitting both the triggers), and can save you in a pinch. If you're looking a bit wobbly, hit crouch to give yourself a breather and avoid disaster.

Likewise, pressing L1 to keep the compass out allows you to move in first person without the balance being effected much. They're not long term tactics, but used sparingly they can be vital in securing perfect cargo.


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