Death Stranding: 17 Tips, Tricks & Secrets The Game Doesn't Tell You

13. MULE Bases Can Be Wiped Out Entirely For Vital Resources And Vehicles

Death Stranding

Perhaps because the game takes so long to introduce it, combat in Death Stranding is something initially treated with caution. The enemy Mules that roam the lands are initially terrifying; they chase you relentlessly, know exactly where you are if you're carrying cargo, throw electrified spears at you, and are all around pretty menacing to look at.

The thing to know early, though, is that they're actually total chumps you should face head on, rather than avoid. As long as you're smart and don't take on more than two at a time, they're easy to take out, either by countering their attacks with the rope and beating them senseless or, er, just beating them senseless.

It's worth doing as well, as not only will it give you a few hours of freedom to explore at your own leisure, but Mule bases often have vital resources to help you on your journey. Crafting materials are the big gain, but getting a Mule truck from these areas early can also make your life easier.


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