Death Stranding: Every Major Character Ranked & Explained

Does Mads Mikkelsen take the top spot?


Death Stranding is the latest creation from Hideo Kojima, and whilst everyone might get wrapped up in the events and mysteries his games have produced over the decades, it's actually the characters that come to define his work.

Even going all the way back the first Metal Gear Solid, the cast of characters from Solid Snake along with the entirety of Foxhound were compelling, and really help sell the game. Players will still harken back to that fight with Psycho Mantis because sure, what he was asking you to do was pretty insane, but everything about him really completed the fight.

With Death Stranding, this is a true return to compelling, yet insane individuals with bombastic characteristics and even more meaning behind their names. Only Hideo could truly create a game about reconnecting humanity, but have it star characters called Die-Hardman or Fragile. These are the true lifeblood of Death Stranding, and keep every lonely porter out there going from delivery to delivery.

With that, it has been long enough for people to have finally have finished Death Stranding, and it's time to dive into each of the Mans and DOOMS, to really see what they are all about.

-- MAJOR SPOILERS within --


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