Death Stranding: Every Major Character Ranked & Explained

10. Amelie / Bridget Strand


Bridget is the last President and surprisingly, still has some sway during these dire times in which the dead, inhabit the earth. However, little does Sam know that in fact, Bridget is also Amelie, the very person he would cross an entire country for. Not only that, but to top it all off she is also an Extinction entity with the sole purpose of ending life as we know it, for good this time.

In her twenties, Bridget would contract terminal cancer and during surgery, her Ka and Ha were separated, this would cause Bridget to leave half of herself on the Beach, this half, of course, being Amelie. Thanks to the unique nature of the Beach, Amelie all but never aged whilst Bridget grew older and weaker.

After the Chiral Network is finally complete and America is supposedly whole again, all is finally revealed and that being - Amelie and Bridget were one and are in fact an Extinction Entity. Granting Higgs greater powers, the murder of Clifford Unger, turning Sam into a Repatrite and the very Death Stranding itself - they were the cause of it all.

In a surprising turn of events though, Sam is able to convince Amelie to not destroy the world today, but she does warn that this is only a delay and that the fate of the human race is inevitable.


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