Destiny 2: 9 Big Questions Bungie Must Answer At E3 2017

From Exo Strangers to PC versions, there's a LOT left to clarify...

Destiny 2

Bungie wasted no time in getting down to brass tacks with Destiny 2's gameplay reveal, eager to wow audiences with demo after demo of what it has been working on over the last few years.

The general consensus following the show appears to be one of excitement and satisfaction rather than concern, but there's still a few burning questions that need to be answered ahead of the sequel's launch later this year.

For Destiny 2 to succeed where its predecessor fell short, certain components that compliment the core gameplay are going to need an overhaul, especially where narrative consistency and sandbox variety are concerned. Both suffered at the hands of Destiny's troubled development cycle, but with a fresh start on the horizon, Bungie has ample opportunity to fine-tune both to make them valued - rather than ignored - additions to Destiny 2's suite of content.

Generally speaking, the future is looking incredibly bright for Destiny 2, we just want these questions answered sooner rather than later.


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