Destiny 2: 9 Leaked Details & Speculations You Need To Know

9. Everything Is Gone

destiny exotics

"Everything is gone. Your stuff. My stuff. Most importantly my stuff!" - Cayde-6

In one little remark, Bungie managed to answer one of the hottest questions players had going into Destiny 2: What is going to happen to all our loot? Well, now we know that going forward, all weapons, armor, emblems and so on will be gone.

A big kudos must go to Bungie for answering such a hot question in such a clever way. In doing so they not only gave a developmental reason as to why everything was gone, but gave a concrete reason in the Destiny universe itself. It's pretty hard to keep using your old gear when it's been blown to smithereens.

Destiny was a game that revolved around one thing to a lot of players - loot. Over the three years that Destiny has been out, the majority of players have grown fond to certain armor and weapons. Those players are going to have to part with such items moving forward.

Truthfully, it makes sense. Destiny 2 would be incredibly hampered by continuing any pre-existing loot from the previous game - not to mention how hard it would be for new Destiny players to join in at the sequel. With a little help from Bungie - and the Cabal - all your stuff has been blown up in a fiery blaze.

Look on the bright side though, if the Cabal blew up our old vaults and all the gear inside, then maybe we will finally get a bigger vault in Destiny 2. One can only hope right?


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