Devil May Cry 5: 8 Leaked Details You Need To Know

A return to form if ever there was one.

Devil May Cry 5

Did you know we've not had a truly brilliant Devil May Cry in 13 years?

2005 saw the release of DMC 3, and while 2008's fourth entry was more than enjoyable gameplay-wise, main-man Dante was forced to share half his screentime with an identikit clone named Nero. Cut to 2013's "reboot", DmC: Devil May Cry, and things suitably fell off a cliff.

Insults were thrown at the fanbase as "new Dante" tried on an albino wig before discarding it, his entire personality feeling more like an angsty shoegazing teenager than a badass demon slayer, and although a BRILLIANT Fox News-lampooning level was sheer genius to watch unfold, the game drove DMC's reputation straight into the ground.

It meant that whatever happened next; whatever Capcom decide to lead with, now after five years, had to be outstanding. Devil May Cry 5 (or whatever it turned into) had to put its best foot forward, open with jaw-dropping gameplay details, restore Dante in the eyes of the fans, and carry on where those past titles left off.

Luckily for us then, if a full game leak is to be believed, Capcom are doing everything right.

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