Devil May Cry 5: 8 Leaked Details You Need To Know

8. Dante & Nero Confirmed As Playable - Vergil TBC

devil may cry dante

First things first: Re-establish the characters, and who we'll be playing as.

For an entire generation who came of age around the time of DMC 4, Nero is just as fun and worthwhile as Dante (though it's a ludicrous statement to those who've been around since the beginning). Either way, our main character is once again Dante, though Nero is joining him, and Vergil is on the cards too.

The latter is Dante's brother and has been playable in both Devil May Cry 3 and DmC: Devil May Cry, though neither truly explored his personality or familial ties to father, Sparda, let alone fleshing out his rivalry with Dante himself.

If the story is tying off the Sons of Sparda plot (which we'll get to later), rolling together all three main characters is the way to go.

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