DOOM Eternal: 10 New Features We Can't Wait To Play

Heavy metal, Glory Kills and demon energy swords. It's going to be brutal.

iD Software

In 2016, Bethesda and id Software surprised the world with Doom.

Being one of the best shooters in years, with Glory Kills and 60fps high speed madness, gamers fell in love with this literal hellscape of brutal potential. News of Doom Eternal then brought great, somewhat psychotic joy to us all as we waited and wondered, "Could Doom Eternal live up to its predecessor, or do we have another Doom 3 coming?"

Now the wait is almost over. With the March release date around the corner and various outlets getting hands-on time with a near-final build, the Doom Eternal hype is reaching fever pitch.

Trailers have been released, gameplay seen, behind closed doors demos spoken of. All this information seems to point towards one answer: This game is already goddamn great.

But whats new? What makes Eternal stand up against, or even above Doom 2016?

Let us find out together. From increased traversal options to new weapons, overhauled movement and MUCH more, this is what will make Doom Eternal one hell of a good time.

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