DOOM Eternal: 8 Things We Learned From Hugo Martin On Joe Rogan Experience

8. The Game Takes Inspiration From Way Of The Dragon

Golden Harvest

When creating a video game, it is not surprising that inspiration is taken from a variety of different sources then implemented in the final product.

After all, much of the Fallout series' iconic world of lonely post-apocalyptia is based on the Mad Max films, the Bioshock series has several nods to the works of objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand, and elements of the sci-fi novel Ringworld can be seen in the world of Halo.

These references and tie-ins all make sense in creating the world and atmosphere the aforementioned games are attempting to create.

But when Martin explained that the upcoming DOOM title would feature a confrontation based on a 70s martial-arts movie featuring Bruce Lee, at least a few listeners probably raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Despite seeming like a completely random connection, Martin explained that the final confrontation with the antagonist in DOOM Eternal will be reminiscent of the epic feel of the showdown between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the classic 1972 movie Way of the Dragon.


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