DOOM Eternal: Ranking EVERY Weapon From Worst To Best

Rip and tear... but also shoot, stab and explode.

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Across the ages, scholars have pondered the age old question:

Is it better to remotely detonate rockets behind the Marauder, or stun lock him with the shotgun ballista combo?

Luckily for scholars, and everyone else lucky enough to experience Doom Eternal's infernal majesty, both options are incredibly viable.

One of the Bethesda game's many, many strengths as a shooter is the sheer variety and ingenuity of the arsenal that it gives you.

From traditional series favourites like the Chaingun and Combat Shotgun, to newer, flashier murder toys, Doom has enough weapons of mass destruction to start its own private militia.

Yet, despite all these sadistically super options, not all weapons are created equal. Not every gadget and gizmo that Doom Guy gets his bloodstained mitts on is enough to fend off the hordes of clearly suicidal hellspawn.

But worry not, would-be Mars Marines, this list is here to give you the lowdown on what weapon to use in which situation, as well as which boomstick you should always be switching to, should the demonic presence loom large. Not that Doom Guy needs tips, mind. Doom Guy just needs more bullets.

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