Doom: Ranking All The Games From Worst To Best

Your one-stop guide to slaying hordes of demons, razing hell and avenging bunnies.

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Between pioneering the first-person shooter genre and paving the way for video game controversy across the whole planet crafting masterpieces of gratuitous gore and cathartic violence, to say that the Doom franchise has practically made the gaming industry what it is today would in of itself be an understatement.

From the twisted minds of Johns Romero and Carmack - with a great deal of help from their cast of wacky nerds at id Software - Doom has been an enduring presence within the gaming industry since its first game launched in 1993.

After making waves across the pond thanks to inevitable satanic connotations (along with a whole host of backlash through some unsavoury incidents across America), and was quickly launched into both fame and notoriety practically overnight.

Since then, the game has spawned a respectable pool of sequels and spin-offs with varying degrees of quality. Whether you're a gameplay purist or a narrative aficionado, there is something for everyone in their 27 years worth of gaming mastery.

So let's put on our helmets, load up our shotguns and rip and tear into the meat of this demon scum as we rank the games in the Doom franchise from worst to best.

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