Doom: Ranking All The Games From Worst To Best

12. Doom II RPG

id Software

I'd just like to preface these next two entries: the Doom RPGs are not terrible games.

For the basic mobile software that they were at the time, the Doom RPGs are extremely well crafted and polished games that offer a completely new take on the world that Carmack and Romero built with their previous entries into the franchise. Of course with all that said, the Doom RPGs are still, well, RPGs.

One of the things the Doom franchise owes to its success is the high octane, superbly paced move-forward style of gameplay. Standing still is as deadly as running headlong into the jaws of the threatening pink monstrosity that's charging towards you, so having to think tactically and stay on your toes while tearing through enemy after enemy is part of the lasting charm.

The RPGs drop that adrenaline fueled nightmare fest for a more measured, turn based experience. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing by itself, it does not capture the core essence of Doom and what it represents. Being that this game is also itself a sequel of the original Doom RPG, it loses that freshness of concept the original at least had going for it.

Although there are cameos from familiar enemies alongside a healthy dose of humourous writing, the Doom II RPG just doesn't stack up against even its predecessor, let alone the rest of the franchise.

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