DOTA 2 Tips: 6 Ways To Become A Better Player

Don't let ultra high skill cap scare you off from one of the best games eve.


Defense of the Ancients 2 has come a long way since it originated from a user-generated custom game from Warcraft 3 and its expansion. Since then, of course, Valve purchased it to make DotA 2, and the rest is history.

Balance patches never stopped, punctuated by periodic overhaul updates, drastically changing the paradigm of the game each time. This has helped the game get some positive attention from the public.

To put into perspective, their yearly grand stage tournament called International, began in 2011. It was hot news at the time because it was the first game to have prize pool over 1 million dollars. Fast forward 8 years and this year's International prize pool was whopping 34 million dollars! Just who knows how big it will be next year?

The insane learning curve has put off many players over the years, but it's not too late to start now. It will be difficult, but it will be worth it on the basis that DotA 2 indeed is one of the hardest game in the world. It's exciting to be apart of something like that.

There are over 400 spells to know, 100s of items to consider and various mechanics to master. It won't happen overnight. Nonetheless, it can be done, one match at a time.

6. Save These Heroes For Later


One of most entertaining aspect of DotA 2 is the high skill cap. It's good to challenge ourselves, which pushes us to improve more efficiently.

However, some heroes are simply too difficult for newcomers.

Stay clear from heroes with summons or illusion-based. Micro-managing between the main hero and its spawns are daunting task. Player might find themselves controlling the summoned unit thinking they were controlling the main hero or vice versa. This definitely takes time to learn, so don't rush into them.

Invoker. He is the blonde guy with magical balls of fire, lightening and ice elements hovering around his head. He can invoke ten different spells depending on the combination of the three elements that are active. Most heroes have four spells. This hero is HARD.

Out of 115 heroes available, Meepo is unquestionably the hardest hero to play in game.

This knowledge is widely accepted and understood in DotA 2 community. This is because his ultimate, permanently spawns clone of Meepo. Number of clones increase as ultimate spell is learned again. If one of the clone dies, they all die. Under masterful hands, this hero can snowball into unstoppable monster. You're not there yet. Disaster awaits a newbie who foolishly picked the hardest hero in the game. Rest in peace. Good game, no remake.

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