DOTA 2 Tips: 6 Ways To Become A Better Player

5. Positive Mental Attitude(PMA)


It may seem hard to believe, but people are much likely to listen to requests when it's asked nicely. Instead of yelling into the mic, try being clearer. It can be something like, "Hey, can we place some observer wards in our jungle? We need vision." More often than not, they would do just that.

Whatever the case may be, it's imperative to remember that DotA 2 is a team game. It is astronomically easier to with with the team than against the team. There's no need to turn this game in one versus nine. Resist the urge to flame your team at their small mistakes. Always think about the bigger picture by focusing on taking objectives.

Sometimes a match is really tough and everything looks hopeless.

Don't listen to that voice in the back of your mind. Steel yourself and a comeback just might be possible.

Such has happened to many of us and it easily one of the most satisfying feelings to be had in gaming. And this idea still applies, even if you ultimately lost.

Games like DotA 2 require all of player's attention. So if you are sleepy, play the next day. If you find yourself in rotten mood, go take a walk. Playing highly competitive game in bad mood will only ruin the game for yourself and others.

So, go put out some positive vibes, and ditch the negative trolls. There mute buttons to ease your troubles.

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