Dragon Age Inquisition: 16 Weird Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

15. The Many, Many Cheese Wheels (And The One Cheese Shield)

Dragon Age Inquisition

This game has... a lot of cheese. Cheese wheels, to be precise, though cheese slices cut from cheese wheels are also present.

It isn't so unusual when, for the most part, players will find these giant wheels of cheese in kitchens or in homes in Orlais, Dragon Age's fantasy version of historical France.

What is unusual, however, is when players start to find these cheese wheels out in the wild. With dead bodies. Dead bodies with overlarge heads and strange shapes, with no indication as to how they died - though seeing as they were surrounded by cheese, probably not from starvation.

The dev team's obsession with cheese doesn't stop at random corpses, however. In Dragon Age Origins, beloved companion Alistair has a strange fixation with cheese. One voice line from Inquisition companion Blackwall mentions he used to watch cheese races, where people would grease wheels of cheese and race them down a hill.

But the most relevant of the cheeses in this game is the Wedge of Destiny, a hardened wheel of cheese with a hilarious backstory that makes for a decent equippable shield, found atop a cliff in Crestwood.


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