Dragon Ball Fighterz: 8 Most Technical Characters You Must Master

How to completely dominate - and defend against - the best FighterZ has to offer.

Adult Gohan
Arc System Works

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arc System Works' latest release, features a few slightly unconventional characters in its roster. Whilst you do have your standard, par for the course inclusions like Goku and Vegeta who excel in everything and nothing simultaneously, they have taken some big risks in designing some of the roster's playstyles.

For the most part, their hard work has paid off. Not only do all of the characters on the roster feel genuinely different compared to one another, some of them feel so different that picking up a new character can make you feel like you're playing a different game entirely.

This list aims at focusing on some of the more confusing or otherwise technically difficult characters featured in the game, that both newbies and hardcore tournament players alike might struggling in using.

Now, only a solid amount of time in practice mode will help with perfecting each one, but hopefully you'll understand a little more about what makes the characters effective to use in a team, and how to properly defend against their strengths online.

8. Tien

Adult Gohan
Arc System Works

Tien has turned into a laughing stock as the series has progressed, but a lot of people forget how much of a threat this guy was in the original Dragon Ball, something Arc System Works seems keen to remind you. He is less of a "gimmick" character like Captain Ginyu or Nappa, but instead a gamble-heavy fighter with a focus on super attacks.

His level three super, the Neo Tri Beam, actually sacrifices a small portion of his health to deliver big damage to the opponent. However, the player can invest all seven of his super bars into the attack. This roughly takes away two thirds of the opponents life, at the cost of sacrificing three quarters of Tien's overall health.

Tien is also assisted by longtime parter Chiaotzu in a couple of his specials. Chiaotzu has what seems like a full-screen telekinesis stun which allows Tien to close some distance and quickly start a combo.

The twist is that if you perform Tien's level three super, Farewell Tien, Chiaotzu will grab the opponent and sacrifice himself for great damage, at the cost of removing Chiaotzu, and his specials, from the rest of the match.

Choose wisely.


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