Dragon Ball Fighterz: 8 Most Technical Characters You Must Master

7. Frieza

Adult Gohan
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Probably the most memorable antagonist in Dragon Ball history, Frieza has appeared multiple times across the anime, even popping up in a new film, The Resurrection of F, in 2015. To give you a rough idea of how important this guy is, Cooler had two whole movies dedicated to him just because he was Frieza's brother.

Frieza is, technically, a zoner-style character in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Whilst all fighters (barring one exception) have access to ranged ki attacks, almost all of Frieza's specials are ranged based and deal heavy damage.

What really sets him apart from the rest of the cast is his ability to transform into Golden Frieza, making him the only character in the roster with a true transformation ability, at the cost of three bars of super. Whilst in this state, Frieza is faster and stronger, albeit temporarily.

He also has some rather specific special moves which only work in specific situations. When his transformation ends, Frieza can summon Sorbet to defend him, at the cost of one bar. He also has projectile attack that only works after Frieza has been floored, meaning it can only be triggered in a hard knockdown state.


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