Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2: 8 DLC Characters Fans Demand

7. Master Roshi

Dragon Ball Fighterz Kefla
Toei Animation

Of all the characters to be left out of both the base roster of the game and the first DLC pack, Master Roshi has got to be the most glaring omission. Not only is he one of the few original Dragon Ball characters still in the anime, but he's still kicking ass and taking names in the latest season of Dragon Ball Super.

Plus, his moveset is a piece of cake. Level 1 Max Power install, with an extra level 1 into his Max Power Kamehameha. Throw in his Evil Containment Wave as a level 3 special, and then just rip all his normal attacks from the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

It honestly would just tie the entire roster together having Roshi. There are so many team combinations and characters from the original Dragon Ball you could pair him up with that it would just be a shame to omit him.

Not to mention it is downright disrespectful that newcomers like Goku Black and Hit are in the game over the no.1 fan-favourite pervert hermit. This is the guy that taught Goku the Kamehameha for crying out loud! Master Roshi deserves your respect, you young whippersnappers.


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