Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 4: 8 Characters Fans Demand

Okay, maybe we should add someone other than Goku this time?

Dragon Ball FighterZ Raditz
Arc System Works/Toei Animation

As of January next year, Dragon Ball FighterZ will officially be four years old. Although plans for a global tournament are in full swing, both ArcSys and Bandai have been oddly tight-lipped about any future plans for the game.

The rumour mill is currently in overdrive, with some saying they think ArcSys are done with the Dragon Ball franchise, whilst others think the announcement of a Dragon Ball FighterZ 2 will come sooner rather than later.

Until either ArcSys or Bandai say otherwise, the possibility of a fourth season pass for the game isn't entirely out of the question. Producer Hiroki Tomoko has hinted in her occasional updates that they aren't quite done with Dragon Ball FighterZ yet, mentioning the possibility of rollback netcode being added to the game alongside future balance patch updates.

Whilst some might say the roster of DBFZ is already pretty packed, when it comes to 3v3 games no roster is too big. Although fan favourites such as SSJ4 Gogeta, Master Roshi and Bardock have already made their way into the game, the world of Dragon Ball still has plenty of colourful characters to choose from. Provided there IS a fourth season pass, ArcSys still have a huge pool of potential DLC to release.

Whether or not ArcSys will decide to add these characters to a future FighterZ pass or save them for a potential sequel is still a mystery, but until then we can only take an educated guess at what potential characters they'll add to the roster.

8. Dabura

Dragon Ball FighterZ Raditz
Toei Animation

It's probably fair to say Dabura is nobody's favourite Dragon Ball character. He never stuck around long enough to cement himself as a true villain, and he was only introduced in the first place so he could set up the Buu arc.

But in terms of creative picks for the game, Dabura is a no-brainer. He turns people to stone with his spit, he has a cool demon sword, he can use his cape to slice people - honestly, what's not to love?

The character practically designs itself, too. Stone spit for oki and an assist, much like Majin Buu's fat toss. Heavy attacks could be him summoning his sword or his spear, like GT Goku's power pole. His Evil Impulse beam could be his level 1. Give him his fire breathing attack for his level 3, job done.

While we're on the topic of swords, adding Dabura to the game would allow for a full team of sword bros alongside Trunks and Janemba. If that doesn't convince you he deserves a spot in the game, nothing will.


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