Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 4: 8 Characters Fans Demand

7. Chi Chi

Dragon Ball FighterZ Raditz
Toei Animation

ArcSys have tried their hardest to include as much female representation in DBFZ as possible, but Dragon Ball isn't exactly lauded for its strong female cast. ArcSys even created an entirely original female character for the game, just to try and balance things out a little.

Should they add another female fighter, their options right now are limited to Pan, Chi-Chi or... Bulma in a mech? On second thought, let's go with Chi-Chi

Although Chi-Chi would definitely rank as one of the weakest characters in Dragon Ball history, she's been a mainstay since the early days of Dragon Ball and has an oddly impressive list of special moves to choose from. She could be an install character, using her Blazing Aura technique to permanently power-up. She could also be an item character, using anything from her trusty broom, to her laser-helmet or even the Bansho Fan to deliver attacks.

It might be a lot more straightforward to make her a rekka-style character in the vein of Yamcha though, and it would probably make a lot of sense to give her the trusty Flying Nimbus just in case any Dragon Ball purists want to know her superdash mechanic would work.


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