Dungeons And Dragons: 10 Best Subclasses You Need To Play!

Here are suggestions for 10 subclasses guaranteed to fit any D&D play style!

Dmitry Prozorov

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, the first couple levels can seem a bit underwhelming. After all, you have the survivability rate of a morbidly obese chicken at a KFC. But something incredible happens at third level: most classes gain their sub-class feature.

Up until this point, you’ve had a few identifying characteristics, but this, my friend, is where those unique qualities that make your character truly special begin to emerge. It’s here the flavor of abilities start to shape your play style that will follow you through the rest of the game.

Some of the choices on this list are some true classics, while others are some sleeper hits you may wish to revisit. I know not all classes are featured on this list, so be sure to leave a comment on your own favorites. With that said, let’s begin.

10. Barbarian - Path Of The Totem Warrior


The barbarian’s rage is a staple of their power which generally implies giving into the id, completely surrendering to impulse. The Totem Warrior barbarian, however, offers something a little different.

Harnessing their rage and channeling it into the energies represented by the beasts of nature, the totem barbarian offers a host of impressive options. A bear totem might grant you resistance to virtually any damage, while an eagle’s aspect can let you see as far as one mile out.

The best feature is that you’re not beholden to one animal or another. If you want to mix tiger and wolf totems, you can. Bear and…also bear? Sure, you can do that too. This path grants the flexibility and power to enable the player to make their barbarian into an absolute beast.


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