E3 2016: 9 Ups & 5 Downs From Sony's Conference

3. That Confusing Detroit: Become Human Trailer
Detroit Become Human
Quantic Dream

A gameplay trailer landed for Quantic Dream's upcoming Detroit: Become Human, and ended up asking more questions than it answered.

For one, Kara, seen in the first trailer, is nowhere to be found, and instead this glimpse revolves around an android negotiator, Connor, who attempts to stop a fellow android from killing a young girl. The trailer demonstrates the various ways the scenario can play out depending upon your actions and responses.

Though it certainly looked visually impressive and in line with the studio's prior "interactive dramas", the lack of clarity about whether Kara has been scrapped or the game merely follows multiple perspectives was frustrating.

That this could've been so easily cleared up in the trailer itself is pretty frustrating.


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