E3 2017: 22 Jaw-Dropping Video Game Reveals You Need To Know About

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo & many more, all in one place.


Finally, after hours upon hours of conference streams, press coverage breakdowns, surprise announcements and bucketloads of hype paying off or going nowhere (seriously, where was Arkham Insurgency?), E3 2017 is over.

For the first time in its history, E3's organisers opened their doors to the public, helping tenfolds with the sheer amount of opinions that are now available on 2017 and 2018's remaining releases. Still, the biggest surprises came as carefully-crafted soundbites amidst the opening celebrations; new consoles, backwards compatibility, sequels, prequels - nothing but net, the whole way through.

That said, many of E3's biggest games came from third-parties - games that have been waiting in the wings for literal years for their time to shine, only to reveal and blow everybody's collective hair into next week. As for the first-parties, for the majority they were thin on the ground - especially in Microsoft and Sony's cases - though the latter continued to show off in greater detail what was first announced last year.

For this list though, unless a rumoured game was finally given a lengthy gameplay demo, let's break down every brand-new title that dropped across all six major conferences.

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