E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Sony's Conference

10. Dreams Beta & Release Date


A release date for Dreams is long overdue.

Considering the game was first shown off way back in 2013, it's actually kind of incredible that it's managed to avoid giving a release date that long.

It doesn't help that Dreams is such an abstract sort of game that it's incredibly difficult to market it. How do you sell a game that is mostly based on creating your own stuff? That's something that Media Molecule have to figure out, and showing it at E3 is surely the best way of doing so.

Dreams was also supposed to have a beta happen this year, but word on that has also been pretty silent. Although it seems pretty unlikely to expect Dreams to come out this year, Sony and MM definitely need to put out the beta and let players see what the game is all about for themselves.

With interest in the project slowly going down with a lack of information, Dreams really needs to have one final push at this E3 to revitalise it.

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