E3 2018: 13 Biggest WTF Moments

Huh? What just happened?


Now that the whole rollercoaster ride of crazy conferences is over, it’s time to catch our breath and look back at the whole thing called the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2018.

Overall, this year had a refreshing amount of little corporate talk, statistic presentations and studio head’s talking about how their console is ‘innovating’ the industry. Across the board, there was a laser-beamed focus on showing off games as the major selling point.

Sony completely did away with monologues and Microsoft packed their show chock-full of trailers and reveals from beginning to end. Even EA appeared to have gotten the memo as they narrowed their excessively bloated presentations of former years for a more hands-on approach.

Still, it wouldn’t be a proper E3 if there weren’t a handful of WTF moments both good or bad; in a conference that strives to surprise while also relying on being live-streamed even with a high amount of non-professional speakers, your going to run into some choice flubbed lines, misguided presentation segments, or better yet, some great left-field shock reveals that come out of thin air.

Let’s sift through the bevvy of awkward to awesome to ‘what were they thinking?’ moments from this E3 2018.


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