E3 2018: 13 Biggest WTF Moments

13. Sony Goes For An Intermission?


Sony's show completely cut out teleprompter monologues and corporate speeches and instead focused on four stunning looking games with meaty chunks of enticing gameplay. Sprinkle in a few nice surprise trailers (Resident Evil 2 remake!) and you had a showing that held quality over quantity by far - yet, it was not always smooth sailing.

The beginning of the conference was oddly jarring with an off-beat tent set-up and another live performance of Gustavo Santaolalla’s Last Of Us main theme. The unnecessary beginning finally took off with some stunning Last Of Us 2 footage and gameplay.

Things felt like they were gearing up after the opener when all of a sudden we’re pulled off the conference for an ‘intermission’ with the PlayStation Experience panel. But the show only just started?

It was a painful piece of pacing that had viewers questioning if Sony was going to continue the same method for all its four main games. Thank the heavens that didn't happen, with the conference quickly recovering into a lean and no-nonsense tempo till its final moments.


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