E3 2018: 13 Biggest WTF Moments

12. Battletoads Are Back!


With the excessive flood of leaks coming in advance about the majority of Microsoft's big reveals, who banked on this genuine surprise? That's correct, the Battletoads are returning back to consoles after a fifteen-year absence.

This was unveiled at Microsoft’s guns-blazing conference, as a brief sucker-punch teaser revealed the toads were back in town with original creators Rare behind the title.

The original was a TMNT rip-off that featured some inventive beat-em-up action, as well as one of the most infamously infuriating racing levels of all time. Despite the first entry's cult following though, all it garnered was an arcade game and a passable cross-over with Double Dragon as follow-ups.

Word is, this will go back to the 2D formula and here’s hoping they make the driving level tough but fair this time - more controllers will survive rage quitting that way.

This news is a blatant reminder of how much interesting IP from the Rare backlog Microsoft has been sitting on for years. So what else are they considering revamping next? The possbilites are endless.


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