E3 2018: Every Conference Ranked Worst To Best

7. EA

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For the most part this was your typical EA conference: it had a ton of corporate speak aimed at investors and placed an excessive, exhausting emphasis on sports.

We also had to suffer through possibly the most underwhelming formal announcement of a Star Wars game in the history of the medium and the depressing reveal that Command & Conquer is now a mobile game franchise.

Battlefield V's presence was meanwhile surprisingly scant, EA once again struggled to convince that Anthem is anything more than another generic open-world squad-based shooter, and we have to dock them an extra point for teasing Skate fans with that Session reveal.

However, Unravel Two was a wonderful surprise and the best shadow-drop of E3 - the game's awesome too, by the way - while EA's contrition regarding lootboxes seemed at least half-way genuine.

Were it not for the reveals of Unravel Two and new indie Sea of Solitude, though, this would've been a pretty soulless conference. Maybe one of these years EA will surprise us with a vibrant show, but sadly not this time.

Rating: 4.5/10

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