E3 2018: Every Conference Ranked Worst To Best

6. PC Gaming Show


The PC Gaming Show is often mocked as "the boring E3 show", what with its more technical focus on chipsets and the intricacies of PC gaming.

However, the show kept tech talk impressively brief this year, focusing instead on an absolute smattering of games. There was something for just about every type of PC gamer here, even if the show's near-two-hour length also meant that long stretches of the show probably offered up nothing for you.

There was perhaps a Battle Royale game or two too many, but some truly intriguing titles got their moment in the spotlight - especially Maneater, Sable (pictured above) and Ooblets - and host Sean Plott aka Day9 continues to be a charming host, with an uncanny ability for offsetting some of his awkward guests.

Again, though, it was far too long for what it was, and honestly, was anyone talking about it the next day?

Rating: 5.5/10

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