E3 2019: 10 Biggest Surprises That Blew Us Away

Brilliant, baffling or simply shocking, this year's E3 has offered a lot to digest.

CD Projekt RED

E3 2019 has been mildly underwhelming, and the gap left by Sony's absence has been well and truly felt.

Most of the conferences seemed to have been holding back, waiting for 2020 - the year which will most likely see both Sony and Microsoft release their brand new consoles and, along with them, a whole host of intriguing new games to play.

As such, every conference this year was ripe with CG trailers and vague assurances about gameplay, alongside E3's usual strange conference inclusions, like the game studio centric TV show Mythic Quest, which was (for some reason) announced during Ubisoft's event.

Games like Starfield didn't even make an appearance, and others like Cyberpunk 2077 showed no new gameplay, making E3 a rather lacklustre experience overall.

However, while this may have been the case, there were certainly some surprises that stood out among the relatively low-key event, all of which managed to blow us away. Now, some of them may have admittedly blown us away for just how baffling or odd they were (cough, Commander Keen, cough) but, either way, they were all certainly a shocking to see.

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